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The Catholic "Heilige Familie" Church Wichertstraße 23 ph.4454150

The church was built in 1929/30 for a Catholic congregation, which had been founded in 1904. The sculptor Friedrich Koller created the cross, the altar, the pulpit and the baptistery in 1992/93.
"Heilige Familie" Church

Kirche Heilige FamilieKirche Heilige Familie

The Catholic Church Corpus Christi  Conrad Blenkle Str. 64 ph.4230200

The first part of the church, which had been built according to plans by Max Hasak, was blessed on December 15, 1904. After the building had been destroyed through a fire on June 21, 1915 it was reconstructed and then consecrated by cardinal Bertram from Breslau on December 5, 1920. The church has been equipped with an organ by Steinmeier/Oettingen since 1925. Only in 1990 the church finally received a bell tower.

Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi
The former Protestant Elias Church

The church was built by G. Werner between 1907 and 1910 in Senefelder Straße. After 80 years the shrinking congregation gave up the building and it was transformed to a museum for children and young people.
MACHmit! Museum für Kinder

Ev. Elias KircheEv. Elias Kirche
The Protestant Gethsemane Church Gethsemanestr. 9 ph.4457745

The church was built between 1891 and 1893 and was consecrated in attendance of the emperor.It was here that in early October 1989 the first services were held in protest against the East German Regime.
Gethsemane Kirche

Gethsemane KircheGethsemane Kirche
Kath. St Augustinus Church , Dänenstraße 17 ph.4457445

The foundation stone for the church was laid on May 15, 1927. The consecration of the church was celebrated by the auxiliary bishop Dr. Josef Deitmer on September 16, 1928.

St. AugustinusSt.Augustinus
The Catholic Herz Jesu Church   Fehrbelliner Straße 99 ph. 4438940

The first church, which was not free-standing but integrated in the buildings along the street. Its construction was completed in October 1898.

Herz Jesu KircheHerz Jesu Kirche
The Protestant Immanuel-Church   Immanuelkirchstr. 1 ph.4422616

This church was built in 1891/92 according to plans by the government building officer Bernhard Kühn. The church is a neo-Romanic clinker building.

Protestant Parish: Paul Gerhardt  Wisbyer Straße 7

Ofiice:: Kuglerstraße 15  ph. 4457423

Paul GerhardtPaul Gerhardt
Protestant Advent Zachäus  Danzigerstraße 201 ph. 423 34 56
Ev. Kirchengemeinde Advent Zachäus

Paul GerhardtPaul Gerhardt

The Catholic St. Gertrud Kirche  

Office: Greifswalder Straße 18 ph. 425 0187

Paul GerhardtPaul Gerhardt
The Protestant Segenskirche  Schönhauser Allee 61  ph. 4483483

The Church was consecrated on the second Sunday in Advent in 1908. Prince and Princess August Wilhelm of Prussia were present at the ceremony.

Eberswalder StraßeEberswalder Straße
Synagogue at Rykestraße 53
The Synagogue at Rykestr. 53 in Prenzlauer Berg is the biggest in Germany.The construction plans for the building had been designed by the architect Johann Höniger and it was finally built in an area that used to be the backyard of a residential building. A large hall, which is used for important ceremonies and festivities, can be found in the three-naved basilica. Stairs are leading up the women's gallery. The fascade of the building reminds visitors of Romanic brick churches as they can be found in the Mark Brandenburg around Berlin.

Synagoge RyketraßeSynagoge Ryketraße